Alan The Alpaca

Alan the Alpaca lives on a farm.
He has shelter and food and can come to no harm.
Four dogs, four horses, two goats and ten hens,
share his house, the paddocks, the barns and the pens.

About Us

Each creature that crossed our threshold, WILD or domestic – (and there have been many of them), have touched our lives in many ways and provided us with amazing memories and some spectacular adventures.

So, we created a book.

Well several actually, a children’s series based on some of the hundreds of adventures that we have experienced, with the many animals that we took in and provided a home for.

To become part of Alan’s adventures, read the books, enjoy the funny illustrations and imagine the real animals in similar situations.

Husband and Wife team:

Sara is an author and a retired Early Years Teacher. Her husband is an Artist, Caricaturist and Illustrator.

The Books


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